New Computer Group

Jenny Rigby is interested in starting a new Computer group. Like many of us she is a well informed amateur and would like to start a group to share knowledge and experience.
Aimed at beginners or users who would like to become more confident in there devices we would like anyone interested to let us know by emailing us at
Your email should include the type of device you use, for example, laptop, tablet, smartphone and if you know the operating system e.g. Microsoft, Apple or Android.
Suggest things you would like to learn or if your an expert knowledge you could pass on.
At this stage we are gathering names of people interested but are planning to meet on the 3rd Wednesdays each month in the afternoon, possibly at the Sawpits centre as that has a good free wifi signal.
We will repeat this note on the website, and hopefully in the next bulletin. Once we have sufficient numbers we will contact everyone with the first meeting details.
Only cost will be to share the meeting room hire.
So why not email now or talk to a committee member at the next monthly meeting.