Carol Lucas Chair, TUBA Editor, Speaker Seeker 01327 605713
Ray Paice Vice Chairman, Publicity, Website, Facebook 07799 662203
Terry Goldfinch Treasurer 01327 351471
Jeannie Waite Business Secretary 01604 350213
Penny Bennett Membership Secretary 01327 351689
Jenny Carter New Members Contact 01327 857753
Kate Bartlett Activity Groups Liaison
Eileen Dickens General committee member
Amanda Campbell General committee member 01327 831362
Janette McTeer General committee member 07765 151170
Vacancy General committee member    
Vacancy General committee member    
Ray Paice Webmaster

If you are interested in knowing more about the committee vacancies please contact any of the committee members above.

A pleasant walk in Towcester

Footpath along Silverstone Brook