Interest Groups

Interest Groups

Group listings, how to start a new group and a page of coordinators information.

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 Our interest groups offer a programme of educational and leisure activities for retired people. Members contribute their own experience, interests and enthusiasms actively, so that they learn from each other.

The interest groups are the life blood of Towcester U3A. Their common feature is that they are all requested by members, not prescribed from outside and we rely on members to contribute their own experience, interests and enthusiasms actively, so that they learn from each other.

Educational qualifications are not required for admission and none are awarded. All you need is to be interested. Some groups have only 3 or 4 members, others a dozen or more. And if you have an interest that is not represented, you only have to ask around to find others who might share it, and that starts a new one.

Trips and Theatre visits. Details of any trips open to all members (not just individual groups) will normally be shown on the events page, but for latest details and full lists check the Tuba magazine and Bulletin on the Tuba page.

Got an idea for a new group? – see the Setting up a New Group page for a guide to starting one. The Groups Liaison team will help. If you would like to discuss whats involved or have an idea for a new group contact  or any member of the committee on the contacts page.

Existing coordinator? – There is help and advice in the Group Coordinator’s page

Errors and omissions – Omissions or changes required should be notified to 

New groups are often being added and are introduced instantly on our Facebook page. The above link to our Groups list is update on a very regular basis

Any major event that is not a regular meeting is usually listed on the events page click Events

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