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Monthly Meeting 30th August 2023

Major Moments in the History of Stained Glass Local stained-glass artist, Mike Caddy, will give an illustrated talk about the background to, and the history of the art of stained

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Monthly Meeting 26th July 2023

Tax, Care, and Toy Boys There are financial implications and complications of growing older, not to mention all sorts of pitfalls waiting for the unwary. Whether or not you have

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Monthly Meeting 31st May 2023

The History of Shopping How did the Romans view the acquisition of goods? How did society change from self-sufficiency to marketing? Is the customer always right? Sharn Matthews will answer

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Monthly Meeting 26th April 2023

Sulgrave Manor and the Washinton Family Martin Sirot-Smith has a very active and knowledgeable interest in the lives and times of prominent Northamptonshire figures.  In this talk he will take

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