Your committee needs you.

We are still looking for new Committee members

It was suggested that if I list the tasks and what is involved we may get some interest in our vancancies. So here is a general overview.

If you have skills that may fit in please let us know as the committee is under strength and has more members whose period of service (3 years) expires next year. Without new committee members there can only be one outcome….

So can you help?

The workloads vary depending on any jobs undertaken. Committee members without additional jobs attend a monthly 2 hour management meeting and most arrive early for the monthly meetings to help coordinate preparation, although getting chairs out etc., is handled thankfully by Towcestrians.

Every few months we have a new members meeting again about two hours long. You do not have to ever take on other roles than a basic committee members although the current incumbents do enjoy it.

The three busier roles are:

1) Membership secretary has to look after 700+ renewals and new members but new software will reduce this workload, a lot, from next month. This position has just been taken over by Penny so there is no urgency for a replacement.

2)Treasurer. Obvioulsy an important role and one that having experience helps. Mike has undertaking this role for a while but does needs an understudy to hand eventually handover to.

3) Chairman. (Carol prefers that term) She is not just the ‘boss’ but is also speaker seeker, and edits the bulletin and tuba so a very hardworking lady. Having just taken on the role she really does need someone to help with her other roles.

Other roles include: New members coordinator, Group liason, Business secretary and Facebook and Website maintenance. So you see the work is well spread out.

Every U3A has to have a management team so it is vital we find replacements for people who have served their 3 years (6 for the treasurer).

If you feel it is not for you perhaps you know someone who would enjoy joining us?

Why not have a word with them or let us know and we will approach them individually. (no pressure) Facebook only reaches 150 of the 709 members so it would help if you would help by spreading the word.

We only need about 4 people so please don’t be shy message me or email me on or come along to the new members meeting on the 5th November for a chat. Alternatively contact any committee member to find out more and maybe have a confidential chat.

Most new committee members come and sit in a committee meeting first as a guest so no one joins totally unaware of what’s involved.

So why not have a chat, we all find the roles very rewarding, you will too.