Setting up a new group

Setting up a new group

In theory an interest group can be formed whenever 2 or 3 members share an interest. In practice some groups will need more members just to function, or to share the costs of hiring premises or equipment.

Every group needs:

  • Someone willing to act as a contact (Co-ordinator – see below)
  • Somewhere to meet. This is often a member’s home for smaller groups.  Larger groups often meet in community centre halls or rooms.

What you don’t need:

  • Advanced expertise
  • Teaching experience
  • Qualifications.

Contact Group Liaison (See Contacts page) for advice and help in setting up a group.

If there is enough interest we will aim to get you together at the next monthly meeting or for a coffee morning.

Courses needing special facilities and/or qualified instructors

The U3A can not directly employ instructors or trainers. (One of the rules of the Third Age Trust). However, a group can arrange for a commercial Gym, Club, etc. to run sessions for members. This requires group members to commit in advance to paying for a certain number of sessions.

All you need for a new group is 2 or more interested members, one of them prepared to act as co-ordinator while the group gets started. The co-ordinator does not need to be an expert, a teacher, or a leader; just willing and reasonably well organised.

The co-ordinator

  • keeps a record of attendance (ensures everyone is a member, and so is covered by U3A insurance)
  • records any money collected and spent (e.g. for room hire)
  • acts as a contact for new members
  • Is not for life! Many groups change co-ordinator once they are established.

See the Group Coordinator page for more info.