Facebook FAQs

Facebook is a “social media” website in which the viewers can contribute to the content of the page, and can thus communicate with other viewers. “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”

Towcester u3a

Yes, Facebook if free. Their main source of revenue is advertising.

Yes, you will need to provide your name, e-mail address, age, gender, and a password. This is so Facebook can shield you from unsuitable material. The password should be at least 6 characters long and be made up of letters and numbers only (no spaces). It would be wise to keep it in a safe place. This information does not have to be available to other members just adjust your settings under “Privacy”.

To join our Facebook community, you will also need your u3a membership number, so we can verify that you are a current member. The number is not essential it just makes it easier and quicker for us to approve your request to join.

Our group has been running for some time now without issue.

Much has been written about individuals ‘safety’ on Facebook and this has prevented many more cautious individuals from enjoying the benefits it can provide. As long as you review the privacy settings and do not put anything on Facebook you do not want others to see, as far as we are aware, no harm can come to you from joining. You are protected from viruses, and we review all posts before they are visible on the group. There is a small team keeping an eye on what is written in the comments too, to make sure nothing inappropriate or irrelevant is displayed.

Apart from the above details you need to join, and these can be secured too, you do not need to say anything else about yourself if you do not want to. However, there are many enjoyable benefits from communicating with other u3a members in this way. e.g Keeping up to date with the latest news, last minute changes, or pictures and reviews from the groups buy those that are prepared or brave enough to share them.

Facebook lets everyone in the group post their experiences, provide reports on group activities, comment on other posts and share pictures too. If you join us, you can contribute your own experiences, ask for advice, find out about any last minute meeting or event changes and much more. Switch on “notifications” and Facebook will email you with notifications when new posts from our group are loaded.

Click on the ‘Towcester u3a Facebook Page’ link below.

If you are new to Facebook, you will be asked to register a Facebook account as described above. Once you have registered, you log onto Facebook with your email address and password. You do not need to log off when you finish, in which case you will not have to log on again next time.

To join the Towcester u3a group you must be a member of Towcester u3a.  When you have reached our Facebook page, click the “Join this Group” button. Enter your membership number and, usually within a few hours (but a maximum of 24 hours), you will be admitted and then you can start enjoying our Facebook Group.

There are a number of tutorials on the internet to make you an expert.  There is also a guide to joining on our documents page.

Visit the Towcester u3a Facebook Page

To visit the Facebook page of Towcester u3a click this button:

Still Need Further Help?

If you need further help contact anyone on the committee. Contact details can be found on our contacts page.

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