Towcester U3A

At last we are able to get some of our groups underway again as advice from our National office continues to relax based on the government guidelines. Click her for national advice document 14/9/2020

Many of our members have commented “Why do we need insurance, risk assessments or specific guidelines?” These things seem like a bureaucratic chore which we managed well without before. The fact is we no longer live in a COVID free world.  We now need more than ever to ensure that our U3A can safely carry on doing the things we value. What may seem unnecessary could make the difference between whether members feel they can resume meetings or not.

The formal process should enable every single member to decide for themselves if they can start attending meetings or not The U3A insurance is not Personal Accident insurance but in fact Public Liability Insurance. It is an insurance against legal liability   (Click here for a full overview)

As every insured organisation we therefore need to comply by their requirements and so we have put in place a very simple risk assessment process to cover that. It should enable all our members to decide in the light of their own health and family circumstances if they can start attending meetings again and give them the confidence to know others are doing the same. 

For groups up to 6 outdoors.

Fill in the simple Group Leaders Risk Assessment form for each activity and keep it filed. (link to form) And any risk assessment particular to the activity. e.g. Ramblers Association National Guidance.

Each member should then confirm they have renewed their membership and have read and comply with the “Personal Risk assessment” (link to form) that is simply a common sense checklist that they will not risk infecting others in the group. No need to fill it in just confirm they have read it and comply.

Then just tell Kate our groups coordinator that you are to restart.

Larger groups (up to 30) can get advice from the monthly bulletin or by contacting Kate or Carol.

Our intention is not to put barriers in your way but to ensure you have everything covered to keep you safe, legal and insured. 

If you have questions then contact Kate or Carol.

Membership renewals are now due. As Carol explained in her recent emails, we do have ongoing costs and so members renewing ensures we can continue, group activity is also dependent on membership. Once this is all over any financial savings will be reflected in future membership subscriptions. Renewal guides are highlighted on the documents page too.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will notify all members by email as well and on Facebook of any changes. (There is a guide to joining Facebook on our Documents page)

If you have any questions about any of the above please contact any member of the committee. Contact details are on the contacts page.

Welcome to Towcester U3A, where retired and semi-retired people can make new friends and join in with educational, creative and leisure opportunities, in a friendly environment.

For more information about the U3A, visit our FAQ page.

We provide a range of life-enhancing group activities to occupy people who are no longer in full time employment. The main activities are listed below;

Interest Groups

With over 700 members we currently operate over 70 popular and stimulating group activities, including;

  • Recreational: bridge, play reading, canasta, scrabble, “boys toys”…
  • Research: history, music, art, literature…
  • Learning: languages, computer skills, travel…
  • Creative: music, art, writing, crafts, photography, gardening…
  • Health: Nordic walking, badminton, rambling…

For more information about groups, go to the Groups page. If your favourite activity is not among them, maybe we can arrange to introduce it?

Members’ Meetings

General meetings of members are held monthly. There is a guest speaker or some kind of social activity. They cover a wide range of topics. Typically, we have enjoyed talks on medical dogs, engraving on the edge of a razor blade, and the plans of the Bloodhound Team to hit a new world land speed record. Go to the Events Page to find out more.

They normally take place at 2pm on the last Wednesday of the month at the Towcestrians Sports Club, Greens Norton Rd, Towcester, NN12 8AW.

Our Magazine

Our magazine, the TUBA, is published three time a year. For more information, or to download a copy, please visit the TUBA page.

Our Bulletin

We publish a bulletin of updates monthly. This keeps us up to date with changes between issues of the Tuba. For more information, visit the TUBA page.

Our Facebook page

This is where the action is! All the latest news about interest groups and activities. Join our group and contribute yourself. Visit the Facebook page, where there is help if you need it.

Coach trips

Currently suspended pending appointment of a new organiser. If you think you might like to take this on, contact a member of the Committee. Some trips on an adhoc basis are being arranged by a committee member and help is available for anyone who may wish to arrange one, on a one off or occasional basis. Details in the TUBA, monthly bulletins and Facebook.

Garden Visits by coach group is very active and has monthly trips.

The fee for the year 2020/21 (which start on 1 June 2020) is just £16.

This covers the general meetings, attendance at as many groups as you like, and affiliated membership of the National U3A.

Most interest groups do not charge an additional fee, except perhaps to cover refreshments, hire of a meeting room or for consumables.

Need help and advice? We are a friendly bunch and always ready to help. Find the person to contact on the Contact page and give them a call or drop them an e-mail.

The National U3A, whose website you can visit by clicking this link, contains a wealth of information and resources (you need to register as a member, but it is easy and free). In particular, they organise events that look interesting and are often free.

How to join

Anyone who is retired or semi-retired can join. This can include people who work on a part-time basis. There is no lower age for membership. It may be best if applicants live within 10 miles of Towcester although some members live further afield.

We hold regular meetings for new or potential members, usually at the Sawpits Centre (Old Library Building), Richmond Road, Towcester, NN12 6EX, where many of our group activity coordinators will be available to tell you more. Contact the New Members Contact for details – see the Contact page.

If you are still unsure you can come and try one of our monthly meetings as a guest. You will be required to pay a small fee of £2 but you will get a free tea or coffee and a biscuit.

If you decide to join, download and print our Membership Application Form, available from the Documents page.  Instructions for submitting the form are included.

Existing members renewal

Existing Members can renew their membership any time between the March meeting and the end of July. Just download and complete the Membership Renewal Form, available from the Documents page. You will also find our Guide to on-line renewal. If renewing by post please ensure you send a self addressed stamped envelope or you may have to collect your membership cards.

The membership benefits of all members that have not renewed by the end of July in any year will be withdrawn.

Privacy Policy

The Towcester U3A is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We will never sell your personal data, or share it without your consent. Our Privacy Policy is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Our policy may be examined by clicking on the “Privacy Policy” link in the  Documents page.

Go to and create your account open Facebook then click here to find TowcesterU3A’s page.

Or contact anyone on the committee and they will be happy to help and advise.